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5 tips and tricks for your new Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

5 tips and tricks for your new Samsung Galaxy S10:

Edge panel:

To change how this works and to specify the apps you want quick access to, open Settings then choose DisplayEdge screen, and Edge panels.

Your notifications

Another way you can use your S10’s screen edges to good effect is to have them light up when notifications arrive. This light show replaces the usual pop-up alerts and works really well, especially when your phone is face down. From Settings, choose Display and Edge screen, then tap Edge lighting.

Use the hole-punch camera as a battery indicator:

Install third-party app Energy Ring from the Google Play Store, and you can use this area to show how much battery life you’ve got left. In the app’s settings, you can change the colors, gradient, and thickness of the illuminated ring, and have it hide itself when you’re viewing full-screen content.

Use your phone to scan documents:

With the camera app open, tap the cog icon to open its settings, then Scene optimizer. Make sure the feature is switched on and that Document scan is also On. Then try scanning a document using the rear camera to see the optimizations applied.

More battery life:

Tthe S10 offers a low power mode for those times when you really need to make the battery last. From Settings it’s under Device careBattery, and Power mode. You’ve got four options to pick from, which make tweaks like changing the display resolution, limiting app background behavior, and limiting how hard your phone can work to try and preserve battery life.

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