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5 ways to get popular on social media

5 ways to get popular on social media

Short & Simple:

First step to follow while starting you career or want to famous, Define yourself be short and simple that mean, your follower understand you well. Cut down the text. Be more attractive. Speak more with less words or just with the pictures. People like pictures or even videos, since they take less time.

They might have an encounter with your post for just two seconds. Post something which will attract them in that time. Go market yourself.

Be updated about the trend. No one is interested in the old trend. Find what’s trending and have the first mover’s advantage in your posts. Keep your eyes on Facebook & Twitter’s what’s trending sidebars and subscribe to Google alerts to be updated.

Quality to be supported by Quantity:
Quality posts are the must. Don’t just fool around. But support it with quantity. Post regularly to be in their feeds. Find the best time to post on different social media platforms and give the best you can.

Build your brand:
Build your brand. Be classy, or funny, or cool or anything. Make them differentiate you from others. Make your own identity. Make an identity they like as you can never force anyone to like you.

Know what they want:
Look what your followers expecting from you. Know their wants. Know the trends. Post something they want to see and to read about.

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