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7 essential browser tips every computer user needs to know

browser tips

Here we have 7 browser tricks everyone must know when it comes to use any browser efficiently,


Every time we open a browser what we see is a homepage. And when we are looking at a homepage for that times in a day. It must be in mind that, the page should be worth looking at. It should be your favorite tech blog to. So here is how you can update it.


To update homepage on chrome browser, head to setting and then look under on startup section. Here you will look at some options so check them and add your favorite page to the homepage.


In firefox first head to setting and then On the General page, set “When Firefox starts” to “Show my homepage.”  and here input the url of page you want to set as homepage.


In safari browsers first you have to go to Safari and then to Preferences and in general input the url you want to add.


We all have our favourite sites,and we want them open all the day. So the solution is to add the website in pinned tabs. To add any website as pinned tabs open the  webpage and right click on the tab. Here you will find some options. Here choose “pin tab”. Now your tab will be pinned in the browser and always be visible to you no matter how many tabs you have opened.


If you are using  a mouse than you will see a scroll in the center of the mouse. We often use that to scroll the page. But you can also use the wheel for some other task you can click on any link you want to open and it will open the link in a new tab. It comes handy when you open a link and don’t want to leave the page you are currently on.


Have you ever visited a website and found that the text on the page are too small and hard to read them. Thankfully nearly every browser have a functionality for zoom in and zoom out. And it is way simpler than you can think. Just press Ctrl and plus key altogether to zoom. Yo can also press ctrl and minus( – ) sign together to zoom out.


If you want to browse something privately without saving any history or cookies here is the way browse privately. Open in incognito mode and you are good to go.


On the top of every browse you have a search bar, it make searching a lot easier, and every browser has its own default search engine. But that may be what you prefer. So you can always change the search engine in your browser here is how to do it.


In chrome head to setting and then scroll down to search section. Here you can manage search engine as you want to.

Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft edge first head to an Advanced setting, and find an option that says search in address bar with and here you can customize the search engine as you want.


In firefox click on the option menu in the top right of the browser and click on Options.

And here head to search section. In this section you can customize your preferred search result.


If you use safari web browser hear to Safari and then Preferences. Here On the Search tab, click next to “Search engine”.

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