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Best Android 9 Pie Features Check What’s New In The Latest Version

Android 9 Pie Features

Best Android 9 Pie Features Check What’s New In The Latest Version:

Indoor navigation with Wi-Fi RTT
Android p is packed with EEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol which is also known as Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT). We can say that this is the one feature android users are waiting for. We normally use GPS for outdoor navigation, but with this new technology, you can use your phone to navigate inside a building.

Gesture Navigation
Gestures are fun to use, so android pie is coming with a lot of new gestures. One the place of navigation buttons, you can use gestures to do almost everything you were using navigation buttons for.

The new dashboard allows you to track how much time you have spent on each app. In this feature, you can check how much time you are using your phone and how much time you are wasting on any app. It will also show us how many notifications you have received by the specific app.

App Timer
So now if you think you are using an app so much, you can turn on app timer, what it does is you have to set the time limit for an app and once you reach time limit for the app, it will show a notification that you are exceeding the time limit.

Do Not Disturb
Maybe you are in your office or a meeting. Then you can enable DND mode and can also schedule it. It doesn’t only silent notification or calls but it will also disable any vitualu interpretation so the notification light and screen turn off and on will also won’t disturb you.

Wind Down
Most of us spend a lot of time on our phone on the bed before actually going to sleep. So this feature may help you. It will automatically turn on DND mode at the bedtime you choose.

App Actions
This is gonna to make your android using experience a lot easier, what it does it suggests you what to do next based on certain actions. For example, when you search for the movie it will also suggest you book the tickets.

Lockdown mode
The security is a concern in smartphones, so what the lockdown mode does is it will disable the fingerprint unlocking function on your smartphone. So no one can unlock the phone without your permission.

Zoom in text
Selecting the text in Android is something we all do, but its hard to select some text. What it does is it zoom the selected text on a zoom lens that will appear on the top of the text.

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