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Hidden Google Chrome features you didn’t know existed

Google Chrome

Let’s get into top 10 chrome tips and tricks.

1. Search Directly Into Sites Using the Omnibox
If you want to search through website without having a huster of going to those sites, this trick what all you want to know about. But keep in mind that this feature is only available for they are in your list of search engines.

Do you so you first head to settings then search engine and then manage search engines. There you can check your default search engine, some other site are also available for some quick searched as well a the option to add other website to list.

So for a quick youtube search, just type in the omnibox and it should prompt you to press tabs to search in the website. So after pressing tab you will see search youtube written in blur on the left of omnibox. You just type your search and you are good to go.

2. Drag Multiple Tabs at Once
Many of us know the trick to drag and drop chrome taps into their own browser window, but it’s helpful to know that you can do it with more than one tab at a time. Do do so just press and hold the control key and click on all the tabs you want to select. And if you are using mac then hold the command key.

3. Open Accidentally Closed Tabs

Often we mistakenly close a tab we don’t want to. But from now you don’t have to worry about it. Chrome is kind enough to forgive this mistake. To bring back the closed tab you can try two methods one is to right click on any other tab and click on the reopen closed tab or maybe you would just like to press control + shift and t altogether. And hurrey chrome will reopen the closed tab. You can keep hitting this shortcut for more closed tabs reopening.

4. Open a Search in New Tab
By default searching for any word in omnibox and getting return will open a search for everything related to that keyword. But this time may be you want to search for something without loss the site you are in. thankfully there is a key that may help you so just hold down the alt key and then press return key and it should open a new tab.

5. Browse Through Tabs Using Key Commands

Sometime we just want to read something really quick in another tab, to do so just press and hold the command key and press the number between 1-9, each number is associated with a tab starting with 1 from left to right.

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